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Hello, I wanted to make a post and see if anyone would be interested in purchasing artwork or crafts from me? I will be uploading photos of my current and recent work in another post as soon as I get good photographs of them uploaded later today. I completed one year of college at the Kansas City Art Institute and made excellent grades, but they raised tuition and I could not and did not want to attend there another year. I was going to transfer this year and continue in August, but again, I did not have enough money nor did I have a reliable ride to get me there. So I am taking this year off to work and save money for both a car and tuition money. I am willing to do as many commissions as possible and will get them done quickly. I need the money badly as I am almost broke as it is. I do several styles of art ranging from hyper realistic to cartoonish. I love to do fanart pertaining to BBC Sherlock, but am more than willing to do any kind of portrait for any fandom or of anyone you want me to draw. I specialize in people, but will also draw animals. Like or reblog this please, to let me know who is interested and to get my message spread out there! I thank you for whichever you do. If you’re especially interested without even seeing the examples of my work yet, then message me! We’ll talk reasonable and even cheap prices and sizes/subject of the work. Thank you! I will be posting the photos later, I promise! So keep an eye out for them!

you can contact me either on this blog or on my secondary blog, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do the link thing yet with my name as the link. But yeah, go there if you’d rather reach me there, seeing as I am on that one more often nowadays. Thank you!

I apologize, my dear followers, for my absence of who knows how many days. College was hectic and kept me from here a lot, but that’s life. I am settled back home now and am getting ready to go visit my lovely girlfriend in six days. (SO EXCITED I CAN”T LIVE) Meanwhile, I’m in charge of babysitting a friend’s cat while she goes to the Gulf shores for vacation. Other than that, I have nothing to do- which means that requests are open because I haven’t drawn anything since I’ve been home ohmygodsolong. So if you have a request, let me know! I can probs get it done today. Especially since I have THIS FUZZBALL to cuddle with in my boredom while I wait to see my girlfriend. :3 Again, apologies for the absence! Although, in the next six days, as I said, I’ll be leaving to visit my girlfriend for 2 whole weeks - June 4th-18th. Posts may be few and far between, but I’ll still try to be around. Love you all!!!! Happy summertime! :DD

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